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Japanese Premium Cosmetic Treatments

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Premium Natural Japanese Skin Care

The principal contribution of this cosmetic line is deep skin hydration. It is achieved by means of the special patented rice extract - Rice Power Extract®. 

RICE FORCE products are suitable for all ages and skin types!

The secret of the beautiful Japanese women' skin has been disclosed to us and is now available to you in M SPA Centrum Relaxace.

The RICE FORCE facial and body treatments can be combined with Japanese lifting massage KOBIDO.

Try RICE FORCE treatments by our beauticians or buy RICE FORCE products.

This treat is for mature skin. Highly effective mask leaves the skin revitalized and rejuvenated. Include Japanese lifting massage KOBIDO and stimulating energy massage of meridians TSUBO. They help produce elasticity and collagen by stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation.

(3 phase skin cleansing, moisturizing mask, japanese lifting massage Kobido, acupressure massage Tsubo, Rice Essence, eyebrow adjustment, finished moisturizing cream).

90 min 2 500 CZK


This anti-aging enhancement is the perfect solution to amplify hydration and Japanese lifting massage KOBIDO help to increase collagen production by stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation.

60 min 1 900 CZK


This facial helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin, together with Japanese acupressure technique, it also helps to rebalance the body and mind, resulting in improving the skin appearance brightly.


60 min 1 900 CZK

KOBIDO Japanese Lifting Face Massage

utilizes traditional Japanese facial techniques to rejuvenate the skin and encourage the production of elasticity and collagen, by stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation as well as relieving muscular tension in the face. 
The principal contribution of this cosmetic line is deep skin hydration by means of the special rice extract, Rice Power Extract®. 

60 min 1 550 Kč 


Deep cleansing the skin with Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber and mask or massage.

30 min 1 250 Kč


This is the most effective non-surgical procedure based on infusion of active sera by intradermal injections directly into the problem area of the face, neck, décolletagé. Helps with age-related changes; stimulates collagen, reduce wrinkles; pigmentation, acne scars, prevention of aging. Skin looks youthful and rejuvenated.
For maximum effect we recommend the pack of 5 - 6 treatments.

from 2 400 Kč
Price depends on material size and consumption


It is a very gentle and non-invasive method to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Using special crystals and simultaneous application of vacuum leads to the removal of dead cells and significantly improving throughput for other skin nutrients. 

Treatment which in a very short time, the skin returns healthy, lush and beautiful appearance. At the same time there is a lymphatic drainage which leads to suppression of swelling, stimulate blood circulation and detoxify the skin. Effects of treatment helps, reduces pigmentation and acne scars, cleans and reduces pores, eliminates puffiness under the eyes. Immediately visible effect.
Recommended visits: For maximum effect, we recommend the pack of 5 treatments at intervals of 7-10 days.

60 min 1 900 Kč    5 treatments  8 550 Kč


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